At HOMES360 we have expertise in Construction and cleaning of water storage tanks/towers, cisterns and water storage tanks require periodic cleaning and disinfection.

Our team will ensure that all projects entail 
Physical cleaning will require the following steps:

  1. Store enough water to meet your needs during the 12 to 24 or more hours that will be needed to drain, clean, and re-fill the water storage cistern.
  2. Watch out: Assure that workers know safe practices for entering a confined space: otherwise do not permit the job to proceed.
  3. Drain: The water storage tank is drained completely.
  4. Clean: Debris, sediment, mud and muck are shoveled or cleaned out into containers for removal if thick; remaining or lighter debris is removed by pressure-washing or brushing with a stiff brush. Where a water-based cleaning solution is required,
  5. Remove: Dirty water and debris that won’t drain from the tank should be removed using a wet-type vacuum
  6. Rinse: Rinse out the cistern with clean potable water.
  1. Disinfection of the Tank