Homes360, we specialise in multiple types of pools to fit your taste and requirements. Our custom-made pools can incorporate several different water features to blend into the environment and create a beautiful tropical paradise in your home or commercial property. Our method of operation involves careful planning and execution all done in desired time-frame schedule to turn your dream pool into a reality. Custom Built In-Ground Pools.

Our pool services are very well-capable of designing and constructing a custom in-ground pool in your landscape of choice Residential & Commercial Pools.

Over the years, we have managed to build various different types of swimming and fountain pool to satisfy the needs of pool owners for residential and commercial purposes.

Maybe you already have a rusty pool that is malfunctioned in your backyard and you’re looking to put life back to it. Well, you can rest assured that with our professionalism, your pool will be restored back to how it was when first built

HOMES360 has a specialist team which caters to all types of major installations of air conditioner units, split ac installations. Also specialized services like GI ducting, AI ducting, Thermostat installation, Actuator valve, insulation are something we have deep knowledge about. We know it can be quite confusing to deal with these complex AC issues and even more it’s quite difficult to analyze and find the right solution. Our bond with our clientele is based on years of trust and we assure you the best way ahead always.

We can take care of any pool equipment your pool may be lacking in. We know exactly what equipment your type of pool will be needing and will provide with only the best wholesale pricing we can give to get your pool running again. Pool Safety Covering Maybe you are going on a vacation and you’re looking to protect it from overheating and outside debris falling into it causing expensive damages to it.

Step 1 – Landscaping: Excavating the site/yard efficiently using bulldozers and other excavating equipments. This process involves creating the perfect dimensions to fit your pool seamlessly into the yard.

Step 2 – Wiring: Once the excavation process is finished and ready. It is time to set up the steel wires that’ll take the shape of your new pool and set it up for concreting. The wiring process is the backbone and structure of the pool.

Step 3 – Concrete: We use a powerful concrete-blowing machine to align and cover the steel wires that will form the base of your pool.

Step 4 – Pool Piping: Setting and laying out the pipes for the drainage system of the pool linking the skimmer and all back-pipes.

Step 5 – Pool Tiling and Fitting: In this step we hand-fit all the tiles on the floor and walls of the pool, carefully fitted, levelled, and finished.

Step 6 – Finishing-In the last step we install a premium quality pebble finishing for the glistening appearance before we fill the pool with water ready to be jumped in!

Let Us Maintain Your Pool Professionally and Wash Away Your Stress.

Our method of maintaining swimming and fountain pools are certified by the Governing Water Laws and complies with their safety standards to ensure a safe and hygienic swim for you and your family. Below are some of the tasks we take care of during our pool maintaining visits.

​Cleaning out the harmful wastes and debris from the pool Water level Check Chlorine or Sanitizing feeding and check Pump operation check Sanitizing level check (depending on weather) Visual pool inspection for color and contaminants Leaves removal pH level check and adjusting depending on weather condition and type of pool Alkalinity check and adjustment Oxidizer and Stabilizer check Waterline tiles cleaning Filter pressure check and adjustment Backwash check and adjustment if required Algaecide input if required

Packages include :- weekly Maintenance , Semi-Monthly Pool Maintenance and Monthly Maintenance