Plumbing is a very common issue in both commercial and residential properties which need to be detected and fixed at an early stage so as to ensure no further damages. Be it repair or installation of WC, jet shower, bathtub, taps, shower head, washbasin, water heater or boiler, bathroom tiles, kitchen sink, kitchen mixer, faucet, bathroom shower and many more are all catered to by our professional plumbers in Mombasa

About 60% of our clients call in for sudden leakage issues which are from either the kitchen or bathroom ceiling. The source of these leakages cannot be detected by the property occupants and need professional guidance by well-trained plumbers. The leakages could be either from the air conditioner unit or water heaters and if these are not fixed in time, then further damages can be caused to the ceiling itself, other connecting fittings or even the electrical wiring and insulation. It’s very important to call Homes360 at the right time and resolve the issue with ease. Fixing or repairing of any bathroom or kitchen installations is our forte and we ensure to do the job work at very affordable rates.