Refurbishment of Dilapidated Building

Dilapidated building in Bamburi KIEMBENI.

Our recent refurbishment was this dilapidated building in Bamburi KIEMBENI. The list of works was extensive and under tight budget,Some before and after pictures of the refurbishment are below, check out the transformation

Homes360 Solution

  • Doors repair,locks
  • Windows repair,louvers,Mosquito nets
  • Electrical sockets,switches,meter box,
  • Plumbing taps,water tank replacement piping,cistern,bottle traps.
  • Painting interior and exterior

Borehole Maintenance

It’s borehole Maintenance visits for our customers

A borehole system is a significant investment remember keeping the system well maintained is extremely important in order to obtain the best service from the equipment.If you carry out regular service, you can be able to extend its lifetime and also maintain a good efficiency.

Homes360 Solution

  • Water Tested
  • Borehole Cleaned
  • Borehole safe and secured

Apartment Refurbishment

Bakarani 2 Bedroom Apartment Refurbishment

We just completed the refurbishment of this two bedroom apartment in Bakarani. The work involved Tiling, Electrical,Painting, Check out the before and after pics below notice the peach and jasmine colour combination we used

Homes360 Solution

  • Tiling
  • Doors Repairs and fitting
  • Electrical sockets,
  • Plumbing cistern,bottle traps.
  • Painting interior

Septic Tank Reinforcement

Home Safety is paramount!

Home safety is no joke people.We have been called to several locations to build, repair, reinforce septic tanks and soak pits across Mombasa due to the recent accident in Mshomoroni. Some were in terrible and dangerous conditions.

Homes360 Solution

If your septic has odours, wet areas,slow drainage,Sewage backups, please have your septic tank checked.Check out one of the ways to reinforce your soak pit/septic tank below in a recent project we did.Safety first!

Our experts  will give you correct details and cost, and realistic estimates on the amount of steel,cement and Ballast to be used.